Splash Ring

The birthstone of September the Natural Sapphire made for a princess. This rare stone is 13.28ct. certified. and surrounded by 7,10ct. of the finest diamonds. made for a princess. Happy Birthday.
Rare!!!!!! 13.28ct Natural Sapphire Certifi- cate Nr.F5G26186 7.10ct Diamonds F color VVs1 ring in White Gold 750 18Kt.


Oval Garden Ring

After 6 months of planning, and searching for the perfect matching stones this Beau- itful Dream has come Alive. 42,98ct. Tan- sanite, 2,70ct. of the finest diamonds, and perfect cut Tsavoriten 3.77ct. in a 18kt. 750 White Gold.
No recent gemstone discovery has had more of an impact on the world gemstone mar- ket than tanzanite. Portuguese prospector Manuel d‘Souza discovered this gem in Tan- zania in 1967 while searching for sapphire. Tanzanite was named after its country of origin by Henry Platt, vice president of Tif- fany & Co. in New York, one of the world‘s most famous jewelers who began a marke- ting campaign to introduce tanzanite to the public in the 1980s.Tanzanite has rapidly become the most desired colored gem in the World.