„Gregory's - Hand Workmanship Made in Berlin“

Gregory’s was born out of a passion for rare and beautiful precious stones and a desire to use only the finest craftsmanship in the creation of exquisite fine jewellery.

Once the piece has been designed, the fine process of creation is passed into the hands of the craftsmen. All selected for their unique talents and for their experience working for many of the finest jewellers in the world, these craftsmen adhere to the delicate and time-consuming seven-step process that is the art of joaillerie.
This process of craftsmanship includes the setter, whose expertise is pave settings. The pave stones are each individually cleaned and polished before they are set, and the metal also cleaned and perfectly prepared for the setting – one of many intricate processes that have become a dying art, performed this day by a only a select few jewellery houses. It is this process which ensures that the stones are presented in their full glory and that the radiance of the stones does not diminish with time. Only pieces that are made with this complete seven-step process can be considered ‘joaillerie’.